Charity Drawing

1237 Tickets Issued as of 9/14/2019

Grand Prize: 2018 Custom Dodge Demon Valued at $100,000

1237 Tickets out of 1971 have been issued as of 9/14/2019. The drawing occurs regardless of how many are issued, with the maximum being 1971.

Check the website often because the number of tickets issued is updated several times a week. The drawing is scheduled for September 28, 2019, enter while there is still time remaining. 

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A special thanks to 71 MVP Inc. 71 MVP Inc. (a 501(C)3 charitable organization) has stepped in to assist three local charities by holding a drawing by donation for the Clemente Dodge Demon. The three beneficiaries of this year’s effort will be the Boys & Girls Clubs of Volusia / Flagler Counties, the Childhood Cancer Foundation, and Volusia School Fuel. 

The Boys & Girls Club mission is well known and the Childhood Cancer Foundation concentrates on all of the challenges associated with that disease. Although lesser-known, Volusia School Fuel takes on the noble cause of feeding those children who are the beneficiaries of school breakfast, lunch, and dinner but cannot be guaranteed food on weekends, days off and weekends. Worthy causes all.

Tickets for the drawing are available using our online order form. Only 1971 tickets will be sold (representing the year that Roberto Clemente won his World Series honor) and they are on sale for $210 per ticket (representing his #21). The original sticker price of the car was in the $90,000 range but, as Demons will no longer be produced and this a one-of-a-kind specialty vehicle, the value could reach well into the mid $100,000.

Grand Prize: 2018 Custom Dodge Demon Valued at $100,000

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Grand Prize Specs

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

  • 840HP and 717lb-ft of torque.
  • Fastest Production car from 0-100.
  • Fastest 1/4 mile production car.
  • First production car to wheelie.
  • Dodge Demon #1971 of 3300 produced.
  • Ordered as #1971 in a rare yellow & black color scheme to honor Roberto Clemente and his MVP award season with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Widebody fender flares to fit bespoke Nitto NT05R drag radials, making it the first car available with them from the factory.
  • Large Brembo brakes behind 18x11" forged aluminum wheels to bring the Demon to a stop in as much of a hurry as it gets going.
  • Upgraded 6.2L supercharged V8 based on the Hellcat engine. Upgrades include a larger 2.7L supercharger, 2 dual-stage fuel pumps, stronger rods and pistons, improved valve train, and bigger injectors.
  • Air-Grabber hood and dual air-catcher headlamps to keep the engine breathing massive amounts of cold air.
  • Demon Crate loaded with all the equipment you need for the track, including tools, floor jack, a race fuel ecu, and front "skinny" drag wheels.
  • Torque Reserve Launch System that includes a trans brake and specific engine and suspension calibrations to minimize 60ft launch times.
  • SRT Power Chiller and After-Run Cooler use AC refrigerant to help cool the heat exchanger in the supercharger lowering intake temps by up to 45F.

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Countdown to the Dodge Demon Charity Drawing

Limited Drawing

Since the Dodge Demon Charity Drawing is limited to 1971 entries, the odds of winning are great.

Benefits Charities

Dodge Demon Charity Drawing benefits 3 children's charities.

Tax Deductible

This is a 501 (C) charity drawing and the cost of the entry is tax deductible.

Valued Over $100,000 - Enter Before We Sell Out!

As you know, the Dodge Demon Charity Drawing is limited to only 1971 entries. The drawing will be held on September 28, 2019, and it is likely that we will sell out well before the drawing date. This charity drawing benefits three children's charities and the winner will receive a limited edition Roberto Clement Dodge Demon Limited Edition. 

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